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Flexible storage plans for all your needs. Door-to-door pick up and delivery.

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How it works

We pick up. We store. We bring it back.

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We pick up your items and send them to our secure warehouse.

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Bring back storage items


We bring back your items whenever you want.


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6 ft2


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12 ft2


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24 ft2


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Spacebox Pick-up

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Spacebox picks up from your doorstep
from $15/item

Self Delivery

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Come to the warehouse with your items

(Small handling fee may apply in some cases)

Storage By Box/item

Ideal for clothes, books, memorabilia,
and small items that fit into a box.

From $24/mo

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24-hour Security

Secure storage facilities in Hong Kong. Restricted public access.

Free Coverage

Up to HK$1,000/box against theft and damage during storage and transport.

Fire Protection

Open plan facility, fire detection/alarm system, automatic sprinkler & fire hose reel.

Climate Control

Optimal temperature and humidity control.

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3102 8636

Whatsapp at 5330 0183 or visit our FAQ page

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View all your storage items. Schedule pick-ups and deliveries. Automated notifications.

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