On Demand Storage At Your Doorstep
We pick up, store and return your stuff whenever you want. From HK$24 only.
We pick up, store and return your stuff
whenever you want. From HK$24 only.
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How it works

Spacebox comes to you. Storage has never been this easy.

Drop off empty document, standard storage or wardrobe box


Order online and we deliver empty boxes to your doorstep

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Check In - we collect your boxes and deliver to our warehouse


We pick up your items and take them to our secure warehouse

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Check Out - we deliver your boxes and storage items back to your doorstep


We bring back your items whenever you want


Store longer, pay less. No deposit required.

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Document Storage Box Open gallery 72d8634fe26e6712f62644c5abad2e30aabd9b1f9bc8cc257886b403f95531e7

Document Box

HK$24 /mo

Max. 15kg

Standard Storage Box Open gallery 72d8634fe26e6712f62644c5abad2e30aabd9b1f9bc8cc257886b403f95531e7

Standard Box

HK$42 /mo

Max. 23kg

Oversized Storage Item Open gallery 72d8634fe26e6712f62644c5abad2e30aabd9b1f9bc8cc257886b403f95531e7

Oversized Item

HK$64 /mo

Max. 25kg

Wardrobe Box Open gallery 72d8634fe26e6712f62644c5abad2e30aabd9b1f9bc8cc257886b403f95531e7

Wardrobe Box

HK$84 /mo

Max. 25kg

Min. storage: 6 months

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Empty Box Drop-off


First Check-In

Picking up items to send to the warehouse

Check-Out / Re-Check-In

Items return / Send back to warehouse
You have one FREE round trip (item return + send back to warehouse) every 2 months.

Final Check-out (Service termination & item return) not included. It’s $15 per box/item (min. $90)
Need some help? Call us at 3480 8259 or visit our FAQ page
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Storage by Sq Ft

Ideal for furnitures, large volume with bulky items,
or just a mix of different items.

From $29/sq ft

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24-hour Security

Secured storage facilities. Restricted public access.
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Free Insurance

Up to HK$2,000/box against theft and damage during storage and transport.
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Fire Protection

Open plan facility, fire detection/alarm system, automatic sprinkler & fire hose reel.
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Climate Control

Optimal temperature and humidity control.

Manage Your Storage Items - Anytime, Anywhere

View all your storage items. Schedule pick-ups and deliveries. Automated notifications.

What Our Customers Say About Us

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Excellent and professional service ! Always put customer in the first priority. Highly recommended.
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Sharon Ho
Comma start b0e7817563319fcaa0fa81ac58f40e6279466016d016b7212ebf1b7a7a833ea6
Perfect for lazy ones like me. Door-to-door service makes storage so easy!
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Kary Mak
Comma start b0e7817563319fcaa0fa81ac58f40e6279466016d016b7212ebf1b7a7a833ea6
Easy to order, good service and values, really friendly and helpful staff!
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Avinash Singhal